What we are offering is:

  • An opportunity to put work up that otherwise would not be up anywhere. In other words, a chance to make people happy with your work.
  • An opportunity to sell work to our clients and other invitees to the space. We take zero percentage - good for you.
  • Promotion on our website.
We are specifically asking for:
  • Work that is framed or otherwise ready to hang; and
  • An agreement to allow us to keep the work for a minimum of three months.
  • We can accept even as little as one piece, but prefer a series from each artist.


Email (please no calls, faxes, or mail):

  • A jpeg of at least one piece of the art;
  • Any salient details about yourself and your career;
  • The length of time we can keep the work; and
  • The number of pieces you are interested in exhibiting;

To: Please give the email a re line of "Art".

         Elke Reva Sudin